La Casa Azul resto/bar

We are very pleasant to invite you to our outdoor restaurant and have a look to the art exhibition (12 beautiful paintings on sale) by Catalina Carrasco a local artist:, 40 years of artistic endeavor, and international art portfolio.

Casa Azul (at Gallery and Resto Bar) invite you to have a very good time. Tasty meals and drinks, breakfast time, lunch time, tablas, etc. We are open from 8 AM until 11 PM.

Live music on Fridays!

During cold days we set the gas stoves all around so you are able to be outdoors in a very comfortable environment with the beauty of El Parque de San Sebastián and El Museo de Arte Moderno. All Covid protocols on for your safety.

An Iconic place of the city in your hands. Our phone for reservations: +593 99 574 0277

Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 11 PM, Parque San Sebastián, Calle Sucre in front of the Museum of Modern Art.

Catalina Carrasco: 099 574 0277 / 099 214 9751
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