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Illicit licenses in Ecuador will be revoked.

Around 35,000 licenses were revoked from the national transit system when dismantling a house adjacent to the national transit agency, they found hacked ANT programs and in addition to species and illicit documents, officials of the institution are being investigated since this criminal act could not have been carried out by improvised. In addition to this the ANT has issued a statement in which it reports that people who carry these forged documents could be deprived of liberty as a sanction. According to the COIP, forgery, destruction or adulteration of public and/or private documents is punishable with imprisonment of 5 to 7 years.

Using these documents, in this case the false license, knowing its illegal origin is also punishable with deprivation of liberty.

Authorities estimate that the loss to the citizens would reach $23 million and $2.5 million to the State. the impact would come mainly from the advertisements of false licenses posted on social networks.

The actions taken by the ANT seek to prevent corruption through the complaints filed by the prosecutor’s office. the objective is to improve road safety throughout the country.

There is still no method with which you can corroborate if your license is fake since the species were the same that are used for original documents, if you want to know more stay tuned to our publications that will be updated as soon as we have more news, our mission is to take care of you.

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