Are your cats cold? La Mia Mascota Pet and Vet Shops

The weather hasn’t been very sunny lately and I’ve seen cats looking for a warm place to snuggle – the bed, under a blanket, in my lap, and as often as the sun comes out – in a sunny windowsill. At our multiple locations, we offer nice warm beds for dogs and cats. I could easily see a kitty snuggled into one of them and not wanting to leave. Prices are reasonable. Stop in and see which one your cat, or dog, would like. We also have clothing to keep the babies warm while outside.

It is our utmost desire to provide the absolute best in care and services to you, our clientele. We not only have the best clothing, toys, foods, accessories, medicines, and cleaning products but also provide consultations, housing for your pets, grooming, vaccinations, hospitalization, dental care, and treatments for parasites. If you need to transport your pet to another country, we can fill out the forms and provide the test results required by law.

A big thank you to all! It seems incredible that a short two years ago, we fulfilled our dream of opening a Pet Shop in addition to our Veterinary Service in Cuenca. Now, in just a short time and in spite of the pandemic, we have not just one, but 3, pet shops as well as two full service veterinary offices in the Cuenca area, which also include pet shops. Our veterinary clinic in Challuabamba is open and offers all services in addition to our location in Cuenca. You can find pet shops in the Las Americas, El Vergel, and El Batan commercial centers as well as in both of our clinics.

We deliver your orders if needed and can make house calls by appointment.

Veterinary offices: El Arrayan y Los Alamos, Cuenca and Commercial Center Plaza Sur Shopping #4 Challuabamba

Alexandra Montano

098 404 3395 / 099 020 6839 / 408 9255
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