Recommendation for Rebecca Tzigany – returns to Cuenca, Transformational Breathwork, Sept 23

I was very blessed to have attended Rebecca’s Transformational Breathwork last month. I have been lucky to have many breakthrough experiences in this lifetime, entheogens, OBE’s, NDE’s and Vipassana Meditation. In short, I’m not a beginner. That said, Rebecca’s workshop was one of the most profound experiences I have had. I had suffered a number of bad rib cage injuries and was a little hesitant doing deep breathing, but Rebecca’s gentle and confident manner made the work easy. By the middle of the class, I had increased my lung capacity an additional 25%. Huge! But the big surprise were profound insights from past lives (not something I expected from breathing). In short, if you can make the time this Thursday, I highly recommend this experience to everyone. You too might be surprised!

Address: home of Susan Schenck (off of Gran Colombia)

Contact information: 099 454 9123

Recommended by Michael E: