Portable smart hydrogen water tumbler BlueWater 900

Pure Hydrogen water
• Totally safe with platinum + titanium electrode

Characteristics of hydrogen water:

– Eliminates free oxygen radicals and prevent cell damage – Hydrogen is the most powerful and effective anti-oxidant.
– As water particles are very small, their absorption rate is very high.
– Rich mineral catalysts and active hydrogen ion(H-)
– Micro-clustered, hexagonal water – vitalizing the water clusters

Use of hydrogen water:

– Students, IT people, office workers who want to relieve the feeling of fatigue.
– Persons who want to relieve hangovers.
– For recovery from strenuous exercise such as mountain climbing, running, cycling, golfing, hot yoga etc.
– Support and recovery from long distance driving or travelling and to overcome the effects of jet-lag.
– Persons who need to boost the immune function.


Jurgen Ruff: prodenta@etapanet.net .

City: Cuenca

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