Happy goats and Jersey cow’s milk and super yogurt

PegaStar Farmstead is pleased to offer farm fresh products.

My goats and cows are happy living on grass pasture and make lovely milk for fresh drinking or enjoying the Super Yogurt I make with their milk.

The Super Yogurt, in addition to the regular cultures, also includes a very special culture called L. reuteri.

If you search the MIT website you will see studies done on this super culture. Some of the benefits are increased collagen in the skin for a smoother look, hair improvement, preservation of bone density, and boosts oxytocin levels, among other benefits.

A search on the Pubmed website will show that oxytocin helps lower stress, promotes healing, helps with youthful appearance and sense of well-being.

Also, you may not know that most commercial yogurts have a thickener added to them, often not listed on the label.

What is important to note is that all-natural yogurt, nothing but milk and cultures, will separate a bit so you will see a liquid in the container once the yogurt has been disturbed by scooping out.

This liquid is called “whey” and is what the supplement industry dries and sells as whey protein powder. But in this natural yogurt the whey is still in its original form and includes tons of probiotics.

Some people prefer to pour the whey off but then they lose the wonderful benefits of this healthy liquid. It is best to simply stir the liquid back into the yogurt and enjoy all the benefits it has to offer.

Next pick up day in Cuenca: Thursday Sept. 23

Time: From 11 AM to noon

Location: Parking lot of La Yunta, Primero de Mayo entrance

Vehicle: White Jeep Grand Cherokee

Please order by Wednesday noon.

Limited supply until more of my “girls” are producing milk.

Introductory price list:

Goat Milk:
Half Liter $2
Full Liter $3

Goat Milk Super Yogurt (with L. reuteri super probiotic), suitable for cereal or smoothies:
Quarter Liter $3
Half Liter $4

Jersey Cow Milk, rich and creamy:
Half Liter $1.50
Full Liter $1

Jersey Cow Milk Super Yogurt (with L. reuteri super probiotic):
Quarter Liter $2
Half Liter $3

WhatsApp or cell phone is the best way to contact me but email also works.

Soraya’s WhatsApp/cell: 099 702 1044

Soraya: PegaStar@mailfence.com 099 702 1044.

City: Cuenca

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