Free review and advice of your insurance in Ecuador

If you already have an insurance policy but you feel that something is not going well, contact us now, we can advise you and review your insurance in Ecuador, you can change at any time to the broker or insurer if you feel that your insurance is not giving you the coverage you expected.

We can review your insurance for you, and verify that the costs, deductibles, coverages, and more are adequate for your needs, in many occasions you are offered medical insurance with high monthly payments with the offer that will cover all your requirements but on the way you discover that you must first meet extremely high deductibles that will cost you work to cover. The ideal insurance is the one that gives you adequate coverage for your needs. If you are a healthy person who does not visit the doctor frequently and you do not suffer from any considerable pre-existing condition you could opt for major expense insurance combined with minor insurance that gives you ambulatory medical antennas among other guarantees for a minimum monthly price.

In the case of vehicle insurance, we can offer you star plans that provide all-risk coverage for your vehicle and for third parties, our costs are the best in the market, we work with the main insurance companies in the country.

Home insurance is the most economical and most of the time are dismissed because they consider that living in a quiet place or rented their options are limited, but it is not so a home policy gives you protection for the structure and your contents in case of earthquakes, theft, fire, floods, and others. if you are new in Ecuador and you don’t have your own home yet, you can get the same insurance but only for your contents in this way you ensure your most precious goods.

Each insurance policy has its own exclusions and coverages that if not properly solaced with you could generate confusion when you make use of them.

We are Bluebox advisors and we are here to know each of your concerns, contact us now if you require more information or advice.

Av Ordóñez lasso Y Los Cedros

Carlos Ramirez
098 246 5168

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