APshipping clarification

I have used this platform to advertise several times and it works great. Unfortunately, the other side of the coin is that anyone (including competitors) can hide behind a fake profile and start bashing any business any time.

Someone has been attacking my business and integrity going as far as saying Pam is not my name. This ignorant person doesn’t know Pam is short for Pamela.
No business is 100% accurate and no person is perfect either.
I do make mistakes just like everyone else. I do my best to resolve them, asap. And, I’m a very honest person that would not taint my name for any reason.

Let this be clear to that coward person that won’t say their name. I do not hide from anyone. My name and phone numbers are real. My driver doesn’t know who you are either.

6366 Brandywine Dr N

Pamela Hubbell

561 809 5691
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