Workshop: Dancing in Spiral, be part of a fabulous experience

En Espiral Lab invites you to be part of a fabulous experience Danzando en Espiral In celebration of KillaRaymi.

In this Workshop we are going to connect with each part of our body, allowing our energy to flow without limits.

We invite you to dance with your heart and bare feet #DanzasEnEspiral under the guidance of Clara Francisca in the musical company of Sarita Navarrete.

Clara Francisca: @la.guambra.bandida
Performing artist, performer and yoga teacher, she studies movement through dance, yoga and writing tools, seeks to generate teaching processes that respect the particularity and diversity of bodies. Passionate about dance research and montage – theater, co-founder of the collective @latidopuruha

Sarita: @ sarita.sng
Artist who studies the flute. Trained on academic music, she has enriched her sound thanks to improvisation, sharing creative spaces with different performers in a variety of musical styles, corporal practices and performing arts.

Limited Capacity

Info and Registration
098 345 9101


Personalized approach
No previous experience required
Leave us your comment and questions for more info.

We look forward to seeing you,
Thursday 23 and Friday 24. September 21, 5:30 to 7 PM, 20,
Av. November 3 next to the Stairs, CIDAP House
Internal parking included, Cuenca.

Sarita: 0983459101

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