Real Stories from the Hogar – Getting back into the swing of things

Now that August is behind us — everyone seemed to be on vacation — things are ramping up at the Hogar. Anka, our volunteer doctor, is back and the university students will be back in the next few weeks. This year we will have 12 students and we will provide a wider range of services to those in need here at Hogar de Esperanza (Home of Hope).

This past week was incredibly busy with providing food supports for over 300 people. Every person is vetted and interviewed by our Social Worker. With the hospitals reopening, we are also seeing an increase in patients coming from the Amazon and other regions outside Cuenca with us scheduling appointments and providing medications.

One case particularly emotional this week was of a Venezuelan woman from near Machala. She was rushed to the public hospital and had to undergo an emergency caesarian. Her baby was born three months premature. She and her older son have been able to stay with us, receive supports and we have been able to work with the hospital to make sure that this baby, although in critical condition, receives all the support it needs. Thankfully, the baby is doing better.

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