Five hacks to easily acquire… (cont. from last Monday)

One Monday (and 5 words) a day? “Oh no! That’s too much work to do”
Eek! If you feel this way maybe learning a second language isn’t the right hobby for you.

(You are a language lover, right? so, go ahead.

Trick #4 Try to learn words that are meaningful for you, it’s boring/ blah/ tedious to start learning vocabulary from zero, so make it fun by choosing words about a topic you are interested in (cooking, shopping, business, meditation, etc).
I always start my sessions with cognates: Spanish-Latin (Latin-English) you know Latin is the modern Romance language’s grandpa.

You will be surprised about how many words we share in both languages.

Trick #5 Be consistent, yes, be consistent, don’t give up, you mustn’t throw in the towel the next day.

Let me ask you a last question: so far, how many words have you absorbed/acquired/learned since last Monday?

This is just the tip of the iceberg in learning a second language. It has a lot of stuff to unpack. Just dive in if you want to figure it out.

We are done for now.

As Porky Pig says: That’s all folks!

See you next Monday!



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