Help me to help by Sole. Thank you all

Hi all,
With the cash that you all have been donating at La Yunta to “Help Me To Help” by Sole and also with the generous donations of clothes and school supplies from Cuenca families, this month we are going to Chunazana in Nabon to donate food, books and clothes to 14 families.

Also there is Mario, a 7-year old boy from Cuenca who needs a hearing aid to be able to hear.

Thanks to the money we collected with Help Me To Help we donated $100 to him to add to the fund his family has created to be able to buy for him a new hearing aid.

So, if you want to keep helping families in Azuay you always can drop by La Yunta and leave your donations.

Thank you again from our hearts,


Ave 1 de mayo

Sole Riquetti
098 945 6551
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