You are invited: Grand Opening of Cresly Pizzeria

What: The very Ecuadorian Grand Opening (Inauguration) of the pizzeria owned by my adopted family.
A family effort, Jimmy Coro joins his sister and older brother in making a delicious Foccacia based pizza in their new location. Expect music, and balloons and sponsorship by Pilsner.

When: This Friday, September 17, at 4 PM.

Where: Remigio Crespo and Miguel Diaz, across from the Claro building and next to Tutto Freddo.

Who: As the adopted Great Aunt, I invite you to join me for the ribbon cutting, around 4 PM. Some Ecuadorean time might be involved.

September 17, Friday, 4 PM, free, Remigio Crespo at the corner with Miguel Diaz, Cuenca.

Julia Rux:
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