What to do if you did not declare pre-existing conditions

What to do if I was badly advised and did not declare pre-existing conditions or if my advisor let my claims become untimely?

It is very common that when you arrive in Ecuador, your feeling of needing protection sometimes makes you make hasty decisions and you choose an advisor who does not provide you with the facilities you expect, and that these acts change your perception of insurance in Ecuador.

Remember that insurance agents in Ecuador must work with a license authorized by the regulatory entity in Ecuador, verify that your advisor has this credential, this credential ensures that your advisor can sign agreements with insurance companies in Ecuador. If he does not have this credential, he can be part of a broker that maintains this credential, but if he works externally with a broker, the head of this can easily tell you that your contract was not made with them and will dismiss your requirements.

You must make sure that the insurance you are offered belongs to an insurance company with a high rating in the Supervisor of Companies. That is to say, you must verify that this company complies with the requirements and demands of the regulatory entity of private insurance in Ecuador, so that you do not have the bad surprise that suddenly the company closes and you are left with your claims unanswered.

if you did not declare your pre-existing conditions at the beginning of your contract it will be a permanent problem, because when the first incident is presented to the insurance company the company will dismiss your case for not having declared this condition and many times it depends not only on you but also on the advice you have at that time. Sometimes we dismiss surgeries that we have had a decade ago but suddenly you visit your doctor and the surgery you had in the past presents medical complications. By not having declared that you had this surgery in the past your insurance company will not be able to cover the complications from your surgery, or if you consider that it is not important to declare any of your conditions and your company asks you for a medical record at the moment they receive this record they will be able to verify your undeclared conditions and they will be permanently denied, for this reason we recommend that the first step before contracting a health insurance you meditate before each of the conditions that you have suffered throughout your life and if these can present serious complications that affect your future coverage, make a list of your medical conditions and present them before starting your contract in this way you will be fully protected by your health insurance.

Remember that your documents have a maximum validity of 90 days to be presented to the company with which you maintain your contract.

If you have any of these problems it is time for you to know our services. We are BlueBox advisors and we are ready to provide you with the best advice.

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