Bean coffee prepared in an artisanal way

Do you like coffee, but can’t drink it because your doctor forbids it? Or do you just want to enjoy a nutritious coffee substitute?

We present you the bean coffee, a substitute for coffee with an exquisite aroma and taste similar to coffee but that can be consumed by hypertensive people, diabetics, or with gastrointestinal problems without risk to their health, since it does not have caffeine, in addition to its High content of vitamin A, B1, folic acid, minerals and antioxidants, it is recommended for children and anyone who wants to provide these nutrients to their body, it is coffee to pass in a coffee pot or as we say in chuspa, only two well-heaped tablespoons tea Makes 10 cups of coffee.

Its price is affordable, at $5 per pound (453 g). Home delivery without surcharge within the urban area.

Javier: WhatsApp orders 099 595 3453 / 098 573 4741.

City: Cuenca
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