And it continues…

Our garage sale has been extremely popular, so we are continuing it all this week. So far, we have been able to raise over $2,000 to support the work of Hogar de Esperanza (Home of Hope). We encourage you to drop in from 10 AM to 4 PM and visit our Garage Sale, Esperanza Thrift Shop or our Expat Services Center. Ask to speak with me and I can give you a tour of the foundation facilities.

Turn things you do not need into support for those facing critical illness or living in poverty. If you have items you wish to donate, we would be more than happy to pick them up. Either email or phone us. Thank you for your support.

Garry Vatcher: 099 094 7611. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca

New MINGA by the group “Keep Cuenca Beautiful”

Next Saturday, September 18th, in coordination with the Municipality, we will have another MINGA in the campaign to keep Cuenca free of tagging. All new volunteers are welcome. We are a volunteer organization made up of Cuencanos and expats, all working towards the same goal: to Keep Cuenca Beautiful! Please do not forget to bring your paint supplies: bucket, rag, brush, spatula and roller.

JT Neira: 098 662 8710. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca

An American Classic. A John Steinbeck jewel. Don’t miss it.

La Guarida presents on the big-screen:

Of Mice And Men
a Gary Sinise award-winning film
in English with Spanish subtitles
with incredible performances by John Malkovich and Gary Sinise

Wednesday, September 15th at 6:45 PM
Doors open at 5:45 PM
Reservations with dinner required
Tel. 099 806 8071

About: Based on John Steinbeck’s 1937 classic tale of two travelling companions, George and Lennie, who wander the country during the Depression, dreaming of a better life for themselves. Then, just as heaven is within their grasp, it is inevitably yanked away. The film follows Steinbeck’s novel closely, exploring questions of strength, weakness, usefulness, reality and utopia, bringing Steinbeck’s California vividly to life.

Getting to La Guarida is simple. Just jump on the tranvia and get off La Cuadra Station. We continue to be the best rated restaurant according to TripAdvisor. Don’t miss out this incredible film with an equally amazing dinner.

Remember that on our movie nights you get a 15% discount on all of our wine bottles.

September 15th, from 5:45 to 9:45 PM, Free, Mariscal Lamar and Luis Pauta, Cuenca.

Andres: 099 80 68071

New band at Common Grounds, Saturday, Sep 18th

Breaking news: There is a new band in Cuenca: They are Rock Three! This band will be rockin’ Common Grounds, with electrifying dancing rock, blues and more tunes.

Come with your friends and join a great night of live music, good food, great drinks and best service, more info and reservations: 098 107 9406 Cristian

Sep. 18th from 7:30 to 10 PM, Eduardo Crespo Malo and Gran Colombia, Cuenca.

Cristian: 098 107 9406

You are invited: Grand Opening of Cresly Pizzeria

What: The very Ecuadorian Grand Opening (Inauguration) of the pizzeria owned by my adopted family.
A family effort, Jimmy Coro joins his sister and older brother in making a delicious Foccacia based pizza in their new location. Expect music, and balloons and sponsorship by Pilsner.

When: This Friday, September 17, at 4 PM.

Where: Remigio Crespo and Miguel Diaz, across from the Claro building and next to Tutto Freddo.

Who: As the adopted Great Aunt, I invite you to join me for the ribbon cutting, around 4 PM. Some Ecuadorean time might be involved.

September 17, Friday, 4 PM, free, Remigio Crespo at the corner with Miguel Diaz, Cuenca.

Julia Rux:

Exciting horseback ride just outside Tarqui

Come one, come all. All levels of riders accepted on this ride. Just outside Tarqui is this hidden gem called Rancho San Juan (FB). Come ride with us and enjoy the Ecuadorian scenery at its best.

2 hour ride on well behaved horses and canelazo for your enjoyment!

Transportation arranged.

Sept 19th 9:30 – 1-ish, $20, Tarqui area, Cuenca.

Kimberly Curls:


Table with height 29 or 30 inches. The goal is to use it as a desk.

Andrew: .

City: Manta

Desk chair

Looking for a desk chair, standard 19,” or so, seat height.

Andrew: .

City: Manta

Looking for 3 bedroom house for long-term rental

Looking for 3 bedroom, furnished house for long-term rental in Cuenca, $750-$1150, Must allow pets.

Hello everyone. Moving to town and have a 13-year old lab along with his two adventurous doggy parents. Looking for a beautiful view within the ring roads of Cuenca. Some space and a bit of grass for the pup as well as a place for me to paint. Any help is wonderful. Thank you! WhatsApp me if you know of anything. Thank you.

Amy: 011 210 787 0368. Call after: 8 AM

Can you purchase Arm and Hammer washing soap?

Hello all,

I was wondering if anyone came across Arm and Hammer washing soap, liquid detergent?

Not Arm and Hammer Bicarbonate of Soda.

Thank you all.

David: 099 503 0770. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca

Looking for 3 bedrooms country house for long term rental

Looking for 3 bedrooms either country house for long term rental in Cuenca, $400-$500, Must allow pets.

The house must have American standards. Garage, real light fixtures, closets in bedrooms, cabinets in the kitchen, home that needs no repairs, fenced property.

Michael J Skalsky: 099 303 7269. Call after: 9 AM.

Temporary/permanent visas… 100% guaranteed

If you are filing for a temporary/permanent visa, I offer a 100% money back guarantee. That’s right. If I don’t get you your visa, you pay nothing. My name is Isabel Mosquera. I am an Ecuadorian, who studied and lived in Canada for many years. I have been a visa facilitator for over 7 years and have assisted more than two hundred and fifty Expats in obtaining their visas, temporary and permanent, cedulas, translations, health insurance, housing and much more. These services are available as one fee package or individually. I own a car, so transportation is always included at no extra charge. I have always gotten my clients their Visas, even under the most difficult of circumstances, such as unreadable fingerprints for FBI reports.

Have you moved to Ecuador without the required documents? Don’t worry, I can help. I offer free consultations, either by telephone, email or in person. I am at the Immigration office on a very regular basis, so I am knowledgeable about all recent changes in the law and am happy to share my knowledge with you. I will be happy to provide you with references.

I look forward to serving you.


Isabel Mosquera
WhatsApp +593 99 960 3663

Xtrim Internet

Hello everyone, my name is Félix. If you are looking for an Internet service I can help. 100Mbps ($29.79 during a year…) if you already have Internet I can offer you Xtrim app. It is an app to watch movies and series everywhere ($22) or, if you prefer I can offer you satellite TV or Internet plus TV ($36.90). The requirements are (cédula Ecuatoriana and bank account and email). Just email me or WhatsApp me. I will be very pleased to help you.

Calle Tarqui y Coronel Guiller Harris

098 375 9457

Free consultation for a new rescue dog

Did you just get yourself a new rescue dog? Good for you. I’ll help you get started. A single visit to your home for consultation. For free, no strings. Call me, I can help. I am a CTP (Certified Training Partner) of the prestigious Karen Pryor Academy.


Heather Conley
099 900 3991

Artesanal wines in Cuenca

Santa Susana Artisanal Wines, a work of art made tradition, blackberry wine with an intense aroma, fruity, with a friendly and well-balanced character. Perfect as an aperitif drink, to accompany salads, red meats, seafood and pasta. handcrafted and packaged in Cuenca. we have a sanitary registry.

Free delivery.

Camino a Patamarca y Ochoa León

Mercedes Tenorio Quezada

098 661 0076

New to USA Valet?

If you are new to USA Valet and you haven’t yet tried our service, we’d like to welcome you with a slice of homemade apple pie from one of our favorite restaurants which is also one of our pick-up locations. El Confesionario Restaurant. This welcome dessert is also for registered people who have not yet placed their first order.

This is how it works: When you place your first order(s) through the whole month of September we’ll email back a personalized card that you can take to El Confesionario, in Parque Calderon, for your homemade apple pie dessert. It’s our way of welcoming you and we hope you enjoy it.

With our service you can get all the things you want to create a more beautiful life for yourself in Ecuador. You can order from Amazon, Etsy, eBay, and virtually any store around the globe. We deliver to your home anywhere throughout Ecuador.

Register on our website and you can start shopping.

Shipments are legal and are every two weeks on average. Don’t forget to check our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts too. To contact us send us a message using the chat box on our website.

Cuenca, Ecuador

USA Valet
099 931 8080

Cuenca, Emilio of All Trades, Brothers Constructions, handyman

Tired of hearing drip, drip, drip? Leaky faucet or leaky roof? We can help with that. Need a plumber? We’ve got experience fixing toilets, repairing broken faucets, mending broken pipes and installing new pipes in your home, among other things. What could go wrong with a gas-powered water heater? We know how to fix it.

Electricity on the fritz? We can analyze and solve that, too. Broken tiles? We fix (when possible) or replace them. Paint looking ugly and pulling off the walls? We scrape, repair, and paint.

Take a look at (and join) our Facebook group: Cuenca Emilio of All Trades, Handyman Constructions. This group has great pictures of our work as well as recommendations.
We offer our services when you need a plumbing done, carpentry, metal welding, painting, remodeling, tile work, soldering, window screens, professional electrical work, interpreter, Dr. appointment, help getting a driver’s license, grocery shopping, paying bills, repairs or construction work and even property survey, more and more.

Contact us for estimates and service.

Elected Cuenca’s Best Handyman several years in a row on GringoPost.

Calle Canton Saraguro s/n and Manuel Arturo Cisneros, Cuenca

Emilio Morocho
098 699 5694 WhatsApp + 593 98 699 5694

Wednesday bonus – tea

Mention this GringoPost Ad.

This Wednesday Only:

**20% off**
All teas.

Including Natures Heart

All teas – one day

Cuenca Shop, 8-66 Coronel Talbot, Parque San Sebastian, Cuenca

098 402 6399

Crazy with bookings-extending facial-massage promo. Save $25.

Thank you, Cuenca, for your overwhelming response to our money-saving promo and for your very generous comments.

We have extended the promo until end of September to give more of you a chance to enjoy this unique experience.

Harmonize your face and body with a massage-facial special treatment at RadiantSkin Spa by Alejandra, licensed cosmetologist.


Car registration (Matricula) September – plate number ending in 8

Lack of information, long lines, time, not knowing the language, not having the necessary requirements for the process. These are some of the problems you may have when owning or buying a vehicle.

Don’t stress trying to do the process by yourself. I can do it for you, or assist you, so you don’t have to worry about it. I have the necessary knowledge and experience in these procedures to obtain them quickly and efficiently.

Contact me to discuss your needs and to inquire about rates.


Daniel Mocha
098 176 7735


Are you looking for an experienced, trusted facilitator to help you with translation or figuring out how to get things done?

I can help you with:

– English/Spanish translation
– Cedula – Driver license (legally)
– Car registration and inspection

I can provide personal references from satisfied clients. My services are reasonably priced. I will be reliably on time. Contact me to discuss your needs and to inquire about rates.

Making life in cuenca easy


Daniel Mocha
098 176 7735

Crazy with bookings-extending facial-massage promo. Save $25.

Thank you, Cuenca, for your overwhelming response to our money-saving promo and for your very generous comments.

We have extended the promo until end of September to give more of you a chance to enjoy this unique experience.

Harmonize your face and body with a massage-facial special treatment at RadiantSkin Spa by Alejandra, licensed cosmetologist.

Special includes full body, relaxing, 90-minute massage plus deep facial cleansing and hydration with hialurónico acid, peptides and vitamins.


Are you late to declare your assets?

The Ecuadorian tax administration, SRI, updated its policy on taxable assets in Ecuador on December 31st, 2020. The law declares that any Ecuadorian resident including foreign individuals with assets valuing over $224,240 must declare their assets to the SRI. Those in marital or common-law partnerships must declare if their assets value over $448,480 *
This obligation applies to even those who do not take part in economic activity.

What if I don’t declare?

Making a declaration before June, 2021 will avoid fines and penalties. Failure to comply with this obligation on time will result in a sanction which can range from $30 to $1,500.

What action can I take?

If you haven’t filed your Assets Declaration on time, contact your tax advisor team as soon as possible so that they can advise you on the best course of action. Jacqui Guerrero from G&G -Tax and Accounting Advisors, will be pleased to assist you promptly. Now is a good time to bring your tax affairs up to date before it becomes too costly to do so.

Call her asap!

*If you are worried about the privacy of your information, by law, the SRI will use this information for control purposes only and all information provided will be strictly confidential.

Jacqui Guerrero

Alfonso Borrero y Rafael Ramírez. Fontana Di Leandra Building, first floor.

Jacqui Guerrero

+593 98 426 1679

What to do if you did not declare pre-existing conditions

What to do if I was badly advised and did not declare pre-existing conditions or if my advisor let my claims become untimely?

It is very common that when you arrive in Ecuador, your feeling of needing protection sometimes makes you make hasty decisions and you choose an advisor who does not provide you with the facilities you expect, and that these acts change your perception of insurance in Ecuador.

Remember that insurance agents in Ecuador must work with a license authorized by the regulatory entity in Ecuador, verify that your advisor has this credential, this credential ensures that your advisor can sign agreements with insurance companies in Ecuador. If he does not have this credential, he can be part of a broker that maintains this credential, but if he works externally with a broker, the head of this can easily tell you that your contract was not made with them and will dismiss your requirements.


Bean coffee prepared in an artisanal way

Do you like coffee, but can’t drink it because your doctor forbids it? Or do you just want to enjoy a nutritious coffee substitute?

We present you the bean coffee, a substitute for coffee with an exquisite aroma and taste similar to coffee but that can be consumed by hypertensive people, diabetics, or with gastrointestinal problems without risk to their health, since it does not have caffeine, in addition to its High content of vitamin A, B1, folic acid, minerals and antioxidants, it is recommended for children and anyone who wants to provide these nutrients to their body, it is coffee to pass in a coffee pot or as we say in chuspa, only two well-heaped tablespoons tea Makes 10 cups of coffee.

Its price is affordable, at $5 per pound (453 g). Home delivery without surcharge within the urban area.

Javier: WhatsApp orders 099 595 3453 / 098 573 4741.

City: Cuenca

Turmeric / Gramm Bulkshop

Dear friends, we share with you some information about turmeric:

Turmeric compounds are called curcuminoids. The most important one is curcumin and It has powerful anti-inflammatory effects and is a very strong antioxidant.

Ayurvedic medicine, a traditional Indian system of treatment, recommends turmeric for a variety of health conditions.

Benefits of turmeric:


The Arthritis Foundation cites several studies in which turmeric has reduced inflammation that people with arthritis feel in their joints.


The main reason antioxidants are so beneficial is that they protect your body from free radicals. Curcumin is a potent antioxidant that can neutralize free radicals due to its chemical structure

Brain benefits

Curcumin boosts levels of the brain hormone BDNF, which increases the growth of new neurons and may help fight various degenerative processes in your brain.

Heart disease

Curcumin improves the function of the endothelium, the lining of your blood vessels. It helps to regulate blood pressure, blood clotting, and various other factors.


Curcumin has been studied as a beneficial herb in cancer treatment and been found to affect cancer growth and development

Studies have shown that it can contribute to the death of cancerous cells, reduce angiogenesis (growth of new blood vessels in tumors) and reduce metastasis (spread of cancer)


It’s known that inflammation and oxidative damage play a role in Alzheimer’s disease, and curcumin has beneficial effects on both.

In addition, a key feature of Alzheimer’s disease is a buildup of protein tangles called amyloid plaques. Studies show that curcumin can help clear these plaques


Curcumin is as effective as an antidepressant.
Depression is also linked to reduced levels of BDNF and a shrinking hippocampus, a brain area with a role in learning and memory. Curcumin can help boost BDNF levels, potentially reversing some of these changes

There’s also some evidence that curcumin can boost the brain neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine.

You can use turmeric in tea, smoothies, sauces, soups, roasts, dressings etc.

Try it now.

We want to reduce the use of plastic, we use paper bags and we invite you to bring your favorite bag, as well as your containers to fill them with the necessary amount.

We are at Sucre 14-14 and Estevez de Toral near San Sebastian park, 099 505 9604 or

Monday to Friday 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM
Saturday 10 AM to 2:30 PM

We also have delivery service.

Have a good day.

Marla: 099 505 9604.

City: Cuenca

Laurel wood dresser for sale

Brand new dresser. Custom made. Pure laurel wood dresser for sale. $130.

Marcelo: 593 98 701 8161.

City: Cuenca

Items for sale

16 kg Electrolux washing machine, in excellent condition, $275
Five burner gas range with hose and regulator included, $190
40″ led lcd flat screen television, $175
Solid wood queen size bed frame, $170
DVD/CD player $20

Brenda: .

City: Cuenca

Free stuff

Free items, but must be claimed before Saturday, Oct. 18

2 pairs men’s bathing suits size medium
5 pairs support socks, new in original packages
Desk top magnifying glass
FM radio, battery powered, rechargeable
Speaker, battery powered, rechargeable. Needs power connector repair
Wrangler jeans size 33×32, blue
Men’s t-shirts, size L, dark blue

Photos by request

Brien Dana Clemens: .

City: Cuenca

Nook digital reader

Nook reader, like new, very little use. Complete with charger and instructions in original box.


Brien Dana Clemens: .

City: Cuenca

Incredible pies by Pedro

My friend Pedro is a professional chef from Venezuela and is now offering the most amazing pies. Lemon meringue or mixed fruit pies. They are $14 delivered. Order by 5 and it will be delivered end of the next day. They are incredible. WhatsApp text message 096 089 2671

7 days a week, 2637 E Atlantic Blvd

Philip Hall: 096 089 2671

Recommendation for David Jackson (My Cuenca Nerd), IT

We highly recommend working with Dave Jackson (Cuenca Tech Nerd). He’s set up our Puntonet several times, has refigured our Firestick, set up a Mesh network, reinstalling an SSD for an older model laptop, and is doing so much more, all at an affordable price.

Always friendly and on time; He even found me a computer part that I was missing for our smart TV that would have taken a month to get here saving me time and money. Even showed up with breakfast before Puntonet showed up early in the morning. This guy is the best.

Thanks Dave.

Address: Cuenca, Ecuador

Contact information: 09 866 5450

Recommended by Rob Kidd:

Recommendation for Dimplo’s, window cleaning

With a high rise apartment full of windows that needed a serious washing, I called Dimplo’s. They arrived in short order, gave a very favorable quote, and made an appointment for the next day. They arrived on time, performed the work very quickly and efficiently, did a great job, and everything was intact
(and here) when they left. I was most impressed and highly recommend them for all your window cleaning needs.

Address: Bolivar 17-25 y Miguel Heredia

Contact information: 099 225 1228 / 099 897 0528

Recommended by Jean Carothers:

Recommendation for Anabel Cuervo, Bi-linguel nurse, medical consultant

I was in need of care for my husband at home post biopsy for a tumor when overnight his kidneys stopped working. After 2 weeks in the hospital he came home, went to out patient dialysis, came home was unconscious for a day and a half and could not pee. I was in deep need of help and medical consultation. Anabel Cuervo was able to come assess Andrew and talked with his Drs and administer care that helped him. From that point on she set up to have around the clock care for Andrew until he passed away. It was a big relief for me because I knew he was getting the care he needed!

Address: Cuenca ,Ecuador

Contact information: 096 313 1296

Recommended by Robin Chase Yngsdahl:

Recommendation for Isabela Latta, exceptional facilitator and communicator

Isabela provided facilitation services for a friend who had to return to the US for medical reasons recently. Her attention to him, and to all the details around his needs in Ecuador and during his transition back we just exceptional.

Her language skills, sense of humor, empathy, and her excellent and timely communication with his family in the US and with his friends here were all above and beyond.

She is a native Ecuadorian thus understands local customs, and her higher education was in the US, so her English skills are also top notch.

Phone with WhatsApp +593 98 387 6096

Address: Av. Ordoñez Lasso, Ed. Palermo, Cuenca

Contact information: +593 98 387 6096 with WhatsApp

Recommended by Paul Meers:

Brunch menu for this weekend

Our weekend brunch has become quite popular! Come check us out. Remember, we have drivers in Cuenca that know where we are located to make your trip stress free.

Saturday and Sunday, 9 AM – 1 PM, Vía a Chican

Marla Crosbie: 099 878 9779

New England Clam Chowder Bread bowl

Hello amigos
It’s Wednesday
New England Clam Chowder bread bowl, come and enjoy our beautiful garden.
Of course, Sabatino’s Garden Restaurant.

September 15, From noon to 10 PM, Roberto Aguilar s/n and avenida 3 de Noviembre

Mauricio Bernal: 098 794 2538

Chicken Fried Steak or Garlic and Herb Roasted Chicken

Here’s what’s cookin’ in Joes’ kitchen this week. Just for delivery to your front door on Sunday or ‘Dine-In’ the Restaurant, Saturday evening…

Dinner starts with a café’ salad …
Crisp lettuce with ranch dressing
Hard cooked egg, sweet red onion and parmesan cheese

Choose your main course-

*‘Down Home’ Southern Chicken Fried Steak
lightly breaded tender beef with just a ‘soft’ kick …
fried golden …
and like southern comfort, if cooked just right, it tastes sooo good.


Tienda Café Menú

Dear customers! Sun is finally out. So let´s enjoy tasty drinks and delicious food.
Here is our menu:

Strawberry Cheesecake $2.90/slice
Apple Pie $2.90/slice
Oatmeal and chocolate Chip cookies $0.60
Chocolate Truffas $0.60


Constructions and procedures in municipalities

Kayamu Constructora Cia. Ltda., offers all types of architectural work, construction, remodeling, interior design. We are a serious company. We will dedicate our time to satisfying your needs.

Our jobs Include:

• Plans/design
• Measurements
• Surveying
• Construction
• Bioconstruction
• And plumbing services

We deal with the Municipio and do all the paperwork for you.
Contacts: Ingeniero Guillermo Masaquiza 098 188 9501 or

Thank you,

September 15, 2021, Cuenca

Guillermo Masaquiza:

Design your menu with us by Nathaly Vivas

Do you want to have your weekly meals ready?

We are Nathaly and Ederick, International chefs. We want to tell you about our new weekly food service.

Our idea is to simplify your life with gourmet meals adapted to your needs, which you can have ready in the fridge to consume. We adapt to many types of diet with dietary restrictions. Write us and we will prepare a special menu for you.

Menu example:

– Toscana chicken noodles (2 servings)
– Chicken curry with vegetables, rice or quinoa (2 servings)
– Sour and sweet pork with veggie spring rolls (2 servings)
– beef bourguignon with mashed potatoes and vegetables (2 servings)
– spinach soup (1 liter)
– banana bread

The price of this menu is $70, a total of 12 meals plus 1 medium-size dessert (if you wish salmon or corvina It would raise the price a bit).

Free delivery (for a maximum distance of $2.50)

Eat delicious be happy.

Every day make your orders 24 hours before. I live in downtown Juan Jaramillo and Benigno Malo

Nathaly Vivas: 098 770 7372

Delivery: real sourdough, bagels, and authentic Southern biscuits

Hi, Sunday Brunch Cuenca family.

New product alert:
Homemade Southern Biscuit Mix, 2 lbs. for $10

You can make biscuits yourself whenever you need. Just add milk. You can also use as a topping for casseroles, cobblers, and more. Keep in the freezer and just take out what you need.

We now also have ravioli. Our 3-cheese ravioli comes frozen in a pack of 32 for $10. The pasta is homemade. Take out however many you need, boil, and then toss in your own sauce of choice. We recommend 8 per person. So delicious. You can’t beat homemade pasta. We’ve been eating them ourselves with slices of our sourdough.


Save $25 on facial-massage special

Harmonize your face and body with a massage-facial special treatment at RadiantSkin Spa by Alejandra, licensed cosmetologist.

Experience for yourself why her clients rave about how they look and feel fantastic.

Special includes full body, relaxing, 90-minute massage plus deep facial cleansing and hydration with hialurónico acid, peptides and vitamins.

Normally $85. Now through September 15, just $60 in our charming spa.

Book today through our Facebook page at

Then check all our videos, great reviews, informational posts, photos and full menu of services including a relaxing massage, deep tissue massage, facials, permanent eyelash curling, micro-needling, antiaging, waxing, lymphatic drainage and more.

You get a safe, professional experience with each visit to our lovely spa inside
Mercy´s Alta Salon. Alejandra worked in a top Guayaquil spa for many years and undertook years of education and training while obtaining her license.

And she uses biosafe protocols including a mask and facial protector and disinfects her spa after each client visit.

Gift cards available. Natural skincare products available.

Large discounts for packages of multiple sessions. Just a short walk from el Centro. We accept cash, debit and credit cards (+ processing charge for cards). Special offers are available only if performed at RadiantSkin Spa by Alejandra´s location. Not accepting new in-home clients.

We communicate in English and Spanish.

Mercy¨s Alta Peluquería in the Kawsay Building at Ave. Paucarbamba 361, Cuenca

Messages please. WhatsApp +593 99 101 5477