Recommendation for Viva Mas, health improvement

More than two years ago, I met Farzin and Kafa when attending a birthday party that featured an incredibly delicious vegan chocolate cake that Kafa had prepared. I was happy to hear that they had opened their own shop, so I visited them there last week. I was delighted to find an array of super-tasty and healthy Middle-Eastern delicacies, plus a hand-picked selection of high-quality nutritional supplements. But best of all was finding out that both of them are certified health care professionals. Viva Mas is Cuenca’s new source of good food, good supplements, and good advice – highly recommended.

Address: Luis Moreno Mora 5-47 y Roberto Crespo Toral

Contact information: 093 900 9760 (English) 098 944 4492 (Espanol)

Recommended by Paul Anthony:
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