Recommendation for Blanca Loja, excellent housekeeper/cook

Blanca has worked for us for over 10 years. She is honest and reliable. Doing a good job is important to her. Also, her cooking skills are outstanding, both Ecuadorian and gringo food.

She now has some openings for new clients.

She is willing to go anywhere in Cuenca. Blanca only speaks Spanish.
She also worked for a woman named Cristina Proano for 9 years. That woman can give Blanca another recommendation. Cristina’s phone number is 099 636 5843.
Below is another recommendation for Blanca (from MountainHombre):
“We hired Blanca about a year ago due to Mike’s recommendation here.

“We are so glad we did. She is a sweet woman who is supporting her child and her mom on her maid’s income.

“She is very honest, punctual, hardworking, and does a great job. We have a dog and a cat, so there’s some “extra” cleaning involved. She’s very eager to please.

“She’s also assisted with local information, the name of a great diabetes specialist, etc.

“She does not speak English, but my wife and her communicate quite well despite my wife’s poor Spanish. For more complex things, there’s me or Google translate.

“We do treat her like gold, because she deserves it!”

Address: Cuenca near Tres Puentes

Contact information: 099 809 9189

Recommended by Mike Lawton: 099 159 3533
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