Killa Raymi Celebration-Kushi Wayra Cañari Community

Ancestral Sacred Raymi

Killa Raymi is one of the four important festivals of the Andean calendar.

Indigenous communities throughout the Andes …cycle of celebrating the earth’s fertility, women and the moon (Killa), every September 21.

For them, it is the sowing season and coincides with the autumn equinox, which is when the sun is closer to the equator.

This is the time of being grateful and thankful to our Pachamama for accepting and receiving the seed, and the moon for fertilizing it, “The mother moon (Killa) is Sacred for our Cañaris and she continues fertilize our Pachamama…

Hope you can join us on our Kushi Wayra Killa Raymi Celebration, 2021.

We will be with Taita Alfonso & Mamás from the community learning and being part of our Ancestral Ceremony Killa Raymi… equinox of September.

During the ceremony there will be a cleansing, rejuvenating limpia for those who like.

We will be spending the day learning about medicinal plants, traditions and enjoying an incredible day with Kushi Wayra Cañari Community.

There will be music and we can dance in gratitude for the Pachamama and Killa for providing us the fertility for our seeds which have been planted.

Traditional Pampamesa for lunch.

Tuesday, September 21st, 2021 from 8 AM to 5 PM aprox…

On our way back home to Cuenca with our rejuvenating spirit after the Ceremony we will be able to visit with Cuencano Muralist Topher… Urban-Mural Art of Cuenca.
Have the opportunity to appreciate Murals in different neighborhoods of Cuenca.

Imagine…walking through a primary forest learning seeing and touching the medicinal plants that the Cañari (Kañari) healers have used for centuries to treat their people.

Want to learn more about the indigenous peoples of the area?

Encouraging community participation, solidarity, and reciprocity

Promoting Community Health & Wellness

Strengthening our Communities – Preventing Migration

Strengthening our Cultural Identity

Creating Sustainable Sources of Income.

The Festival of cycle of the preparation of the earth…soils.. and the planting of the seed new sowing for our Pachamama or mother earth…

Hope you can join us on this incredible Ancestral Killa Raymi Celebration at Kushi Wayra Cañari Community…

Reservations: We require min 6 people for this amazing experience.

Cuenca, Ecuador

Martin Avila

099 524 6166

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