Goat milk and yogurt and Jersey milk and yogurt

Grass fed in beautiful pastures; happy goats and Jersey cows.

Second pickup day this week: Friday Sept. 17

Limited supply.

Location: La Yunta parking lot, Primero de Mayo entrance, from 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM.

If you would like to buy regularly then you may want to buy 2 glass jars per product you like in the appropriate size so we can swap. Available at Coral and Supermaxi. Photos attached to give you an idea of what will work.

The half liter jar will also work for quarter liter orders. So far I have not found a smaller jar that will hold a true quarter liter.

Introductory Prices;

Goat Milk:
Half Liter $2
Full Liter $3

Goat Milk Yogurt, suitable for cereal or smoothies:
Quarter Liter $3
Half Liter $4

Jersey Cow Milk, rich and creamy:
Half Liter $1.50
Full Liter $1

Jersey Cow Milk Super Yogurt (with L. reuteri super healthy probiotic):
Quarter Liter $2
Half Liter $3

PegaStar Farmstead Fresh Products

My name is Soraya and I am happy to answer any questions.

Please place your order soon.

WhatsApp or cell phone is the best way to contact me but email also works.

WhatsApp/cell: 099 702 1044

Soraya: PegaStar@mailfence.com 099 702 1044.

City: Cuenca

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