Wes the Mentalist, success in Vilcabamba

Total donations for various charities over the last 6 weeks now stands at $1700.
The wild and crazy, quirky, friendly, generous patrons at Carro Azul donated $580 to New Life and other charities.

The founder of Cuenca Soup Kitchen was my host. Bob Higgins continues to touch the lives of the needy and the well-to-do.

I highly recommend the best chicken I’ve ever tasted anywhere, even better than my Grandma’s. And that’s saying something.

When in Vilcabamba, enjoy the cuisine and hospitality at Nancy’s Blue Car.
I was raised in WV, the Mountain State. The twisty, curvy, bumpy…fallas geológicas…brought back pre-interstate highway days of my youth.

John Denver could just as easily have been singing about the Valley of Longevity.
Almost Heaven!

Wes Elliott: Thementalistwes@gmail.com .

City: Cuenca

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