5 hacks to easily acquire at least five Spanish words daily

I bet that you have read these tricks hundreds of times but, did you get the expected outcomes? The answer is simple: it all depends on the learner.
Did you try them? Okaaaay… I am not judging!)

Hacks…okay, here we go:

Trick #1 Write words down! You know, we are living in a digital world and it’s easier to write the grocery list on the cell phone, on the digital calendar or the wish list, yep. Our brain is more active when we write or draw words. Do it.

Trick #2 Build a word-image relation (it works perfectly for most of us).
Having breakfast? start by naming the food you have right on the table: guineo (which means banana in Ecuador and some Central American countries), jamón, café (yes! with accent), mermelada, huevos (don’t wake up the sleeping beauty H), pan (our primary ingredient for Ecuadorian serrano breakfast).

Extra ideas?

Let’s play the “I spy” game.
You spy, what do you see with your eye? it works for all levels e.g. you can ask to describe things in Spanish, guess what word your mate is thinking about, ask for clues, be creative.

Trick #3 Focus on the 5 words you previously chose and listen to its pronunciation (search for native Spanish speakers videos, there are tons of audios available in social media or video/audio platforms) then imitate them, p-h-o-n-i-c-s are vital if you wanna be understood in a second language no matter how vast your vocabulary is, a poor pronunciation spoils the speech.

(I’ll talk more about that in the next post).

Trick #4 …t.b.c. to be continued my friend, no rush! five words (and one Monday) at a time.

See you next Monday.

San Sebastian


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