Natural organic balms produced with natural beeswax

Hi, my name is Andres Arbito I am an organic beekeeper. That means I do not feed sugar to my bees or use any dangerous chemicals to treat them.

As you can imagine the products that come from my bee hives, like honey or beeswax, have no contaminants and have the greatest quality, so I use these products and other natural and essential oils to make these products:

-Organic vaseline: a natural balm made with natural oils and BEESWAX that will protect your skin against disinfectants by creating a protective layer that will also help you maintain the natural humidity of your skin.

-Lip balm: a very soft balm that moisturize your lips helping you prevent lip cracks and irritation.

-Vapomentol with propolis: a unique mixture of beeswax, propolis, natural oils and menthol that will help you treat symptoms related to nasal and chest congestion by applying under your nostrils or rubbing it on your chest.

To place an order and give the instructions for delivery delivery call or WhatsApp to the number 098 710 6758.

Andres Arbito: 098 71 06758.

City: Cuenca

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