Food donation for dogs

Hello dear expats, We are looking for good people who can help with some donation of dog food or whatever you like. We are taking care of 50 dogs rescued in Cuenca city in very bad condition. Now, they are living better, but we don’t have enough money for food or medicine. There are a few old dogs with arthritis and they need medicine all the time.

The place was located in Monay, now we have moved to Paute to a country house to give a better life to them.

You can see the place anytime you want. Also, there is a little furnished house in the same place where the dogs are. You can stay the weekend or anytime that you like helping with the dogs or if you have just a little relax. The weather is warmer than Cuenca.

Write me at my WhatsApp 098 311 1659 for any donation.

Lupe Moscoso: 098 311 1659. Call after: 6 AM.

City: Cuenca

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