C&C unisex hair design / barber shop

Founded in 2017. The Authority in men’s grooming. We cater to men who are looking for an elevated barbershop experience. You can count on getting exceptional haircuts, shaves, spa services, and more from one of our friendly and skillful professionals. Our mission is to help men relax, look great, feel confident.

About us:

Expertly tailored haircut
personal consultation
precision neck shave
energizing shampoo + conditioning
scalp massage
pressure-point facial massage
steamed towel
stress-relieving hand massage
cleansing rinse

We complete the service by styling your hair and demonstrating how to achieve your perfect look, so you always look as great as you deserved.

Women are busy creatures who don’t always make it to the salon as often as they’d like. Sometimes they end up with four inches of root growth before they return for a color. When salons are thought of as more than just a chore to fix hair, a wide range of positive aspects begin to emerge.

Think of your stylist as your hair doctor: Hair stylists have gone to school to become experts on hair. We can diagnose problems, make recommendations, and provide helpful products to promote healthy hair.

Stress Relief: Going to the salon is very relaxing. Designed with comfort and relaxation in mind, salons are a mini-retreat away from work, kids, and errands. If it’s not time to get your hair cut or colored, it’s always a good idea to schedule a relaxing facial or massage.

Manicures and Pedicures: There are few things more relaxing than having someone massage your hands and feet. Receiving these perks will have you leaving the salon ready to sleep, plus your nails will be fresh and manicured.

People relax in different ways and salons offer many different options. If you enjoy head massages, you can schedule an upper body massage or just ask for a deep conditioning treatment with a scalp massage, if that’s what you like. Choose one treatment that you like and visit often.

Talk therapy: Stylists are like informal counselors that will let you talk the entire time you are in your chair. Don’t worry, though, they also know that some people like to come just for their hair and not to socialize. The client sets the tone for having discussions or remaining quiet.

Many Reasons to Visit C&C: There are numerous reasons why visiting the salon is good for you, psychologically and physically. There is something relaxing there for everyone, the hard part is just figuring out what it is.

C&C prices:
* Men’s package includes: manicure pedicure haircut shaving with hot towel hot steamer scrub facial exfoliating beard o mustache trim for only
20 bucks.
* Women’s package: manicure pedicure haircut blow dry eyebrows lip wax for only 25 bucks.
* Full body massage $25 p/hour
* Color, cut, style $30, medium hair $40, long hair $50
* Botox Capillary to prevent frizzy hair $30
* Hair treatment to prevent split ends or dryness or greasy hair $10
* Manicure Pedicure unisex $12
* Only manicure $5
* Only pedicure $9
* Highlights $45 and up
* Highlights with a cap $30 and up
* Eyebrows , Upper lip waxing $5
* Under arms waxing $5
* Half legs waxing $6 $8
* Full legs waxing $8 $10 $12
* Shiny looking and prevent yellowish gray hair $10
* Shaving with hot towel, hot steamer , facial scrub exfoliating $5
* Men’s haircut includes shampooing $5
* Women’s haircut shampooing and conditioning $8
* Blow dry $5 and up
* Keratin straightening $50 bye bye to frizzy and wavy hair
* Deep cleanse facial $15
* Shaving with black mask $10
* Gel nails painted $10
* Acrylic nails $15
* Gel manicure $20

Hot tea, black coffee are included with all services.

Walk-ins are welcomed but appointments are appreciated for your convenience and we can clearly understand you needs since only Clemencia speaks English.

Book today through WhatsApp iMessage text messages #098 814 8902
Clemencia will be so glad to have you over.

Avenida Ordoñez Lasso y los Claveles. Next door to Pichincha Bank Riverside Building

Clemencia Vizhnay
098 814 8902

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