Recommendation for Isabella Latta, facilitator

Last Friday I went to help pack up and move some things from the apartment of a friend who is moving back to the Atates because of illness. His family will be a strong support for him there. With him, when we came, was Isabella Latta, a neighbor, friend and facilitator. She is helping him with all aspects of the move – furniture sales, flights (coordinating with his daughter), getting to Guayaquil, closing out the phone, getting PCR tests… He doesn’t have the capacity to do any of the details at this moment in time.

I was impressed with Isabella’s kindness, patience, ability to work with Ecuador’s and the US’s complicated systems, command of English, and ability to interact with us in the midst of her work moving our friend back to the States.

Isabella lived in the States for 21 years in both NYC and California. She had 2 years of paralegal training and managed large retail stores while in the States. She is accomplished and able. She is even going with our friend on the transport she arranged to Guayaquil to be certain he gets on the plane safely. You couldn’t ask for any greater help than he is getting. She has a special quality of warmth and humor that makes even difficult situations manageable.

Address: Edificio Palmero, 10H, Cuenca

Contact information: 098 387 6096

Recommended by Jane Stallman:
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