KCB’s Minga was a great success

This is a public Thank You note from the Mayor and the Municipality of Cuenca to all volunteers who enthusiastically came forward to participate at the Minga called for last Saturday.

Two future events came out:

1st. the next Minga will be on Saturday, September 11th and we will meet at Colegio Febres Cordero (Calles Hermano Miguel y Gran Colombia) at 9 AM.

2nd, On Saturday, September 28th. we will be helping to paint an old school located 1 1/2 hrs, from Cuenca and about 30 years back in time. (Transportation and meals will be provided). This is a request from a very poor community which looks up to us for help. If interested, please let us know by contacting JT Neira (098 662 8710).

Looking forward to your continuing support to the cause of “Keeping Cuenca Beautiful!”

JT Neira: jubefi@hotmail.com 098 662 8710. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca

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