Want a vax certificate?

The original web site (https://sgrdacaa-admision.msp.gob.ec) never worked. I tried for months and got only a message saying to come back in 72 hours. Now that web page is gone entirely.

But this does work: https://certificados-vacunas.msp.gob.ec

(1) This new URL takes you to a page titled “Solicitud Certificado de Vacunación Msp”. Enter your cedula number and birthdate. You can type these into an editor of your choice first, so you’re ready.

(2) If your cedula number looks like “999999999-9”, then enter “9999999999” (no hyphen, and of course no quotes).

(3) For your birthdate, use the calendar tool on the web page or manually enter the birthdate. Say your birthdate is July 4, 1776. To enter it manually, copy and paste “1776-07-04” into the birthdate entry area (once again without the quotes, and no fireworks please).

(4) On the right side of the screen, select “Buscar”.

(5) After this you’ll get a dialog showing the dates of your injections and asking you for confirmation. After confirming, you’ll see a button at the bottom center of the screen that says “Solicitar”.

(6) Select that and you can access your certificate as a PDF file to either view or to download. If you dawdle at any step, the page resets itself and you will need to start over, so I’d suggest that you just download and view the PDF file at your leisure.

Dave Sailer

City: Cuenca

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