Thank you for making the great giveaway possible

The Cuenca Soup Kitchen’s move gave us the opportunity to get organized and to clean house.

We regularly provide food kits to our 700+ beneficiaries. They contain rice, beans, and other dry goods as well as fresh vegetables and eggs.

In addition, today we passed your generous donations of clothing directly on to those in need. We checked sizes and numbers against our records and filled their requests. It was a busy but productive day.

And in the end…our beneficiaries went home with full hands and full hearts.

A very special thank you to the following people whose hard work and dedication made this project possible:

Sari Serrano, Alex Riofrio, Camila, Miguel, Rosana Malo, Lisa Harlan, Lindsay Burton, Kay Brickey, Ruth Bennett, Barbara and Gary Curry, Pam and Paul Kaperick, and Nancy Galloway.

An as always, thank you for your support.
Des Dizney, Bill O’Brien, and Smith


Des Dizney

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