Immersion plus motivation, the golden rule

Nobody can teach you anything if you don’t feel motivated to learn it, unfortunately learning doesn’t work like osmosis and learning a language is not the exception (“nobody” means Bilingo, Babbel, Language Transfer, or whatever platform you are thinking about).
Motivation + immersion, the golden rule.
Are you motivated?
Are you living in a Spanish (Castellano) speaking country? Go for it!
Both of them? Let’s get started! But whoa, whoa, whoa It won’t happen in the blink of an eye, (no pain no gain) no training no gain-ing.

Stay tuned for my next post on Monday: “How to easily acquire at least five words every single day in Spanish” (might be ten words, it all depends on you).

From October I will be available every Wednesday for a Spanish language A/Q session at my Whereby platform room.

See you next Monday!

San Sebastian

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