Recommendation for Expat Envoy, Harrison Paul, Courier service

We highly recommend Expat Envoy for courier service of items from the US. They are currently bringing items once a month and the deadline for receipt of items to their Florida address, as well as delivery dates, are posted on the web site. The instructions are clear, as well as the cost. There is a list of items they will not bring, such as electronics.

We recently ordered a number of bedding items via Amazon and another business, and had them shipped to their Florida address. We were notified when all of the items were delivered. The deadline was the 20th of August. Harrison Paul is the owner and makes the trip from Florida to Quito to Cuenca himself, on August 28. Then his partner in Cuenca meets him in the airport parking lot here and an email is sent with the final invoice, the items, their weight, and the calculated cost on delivery. It is more economical for us to have them delivered to our apartment for a small fee because he lives a distance away. We set up a delivery time, which was after 3 PM on Saturday or Sunday. He arrived with the items, I checked for accuracy, and paid him the cash owed.

Very dependable, very efficient, and very affordable. They are very specific about items they will not bring, or amount of any one item, as to not raise any red flags with the airline customs. This service is not “illegal”, and they are not doing anything that anyone coming here with a bunch of stuff from the States, which we all do. We have always been pleased with their services, given that some of the items are rather high in value, and will continue to use Expat Envoy in the future.

Address: Florida, USA, and Cuenca, Ecuador

Contact information:

Recommended by Marshall and Nadine Devall:
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