JDs Muebles is always buying all your unwanted items

Hola Folks,

For over seven years we have been serving the community making selling any of your items as easy as possible. And as always, even with the largest inventory we’ve ever had and the largest available at any resale location, we still need much more to fill our beautiful 5000 sf showroom.

Whether you have a single item you’d like to sell or an entire household, we are ready to collect it all today and hand you a fist full of dollars. We’ve served hundreds of clients selling all their home furnishings and thousands selling smaller lots. All have been completely satisfied with our commitment to professionalism and the ease of the transaction.

Additionally, we offer the ability to trade your items for new ones right away or store credit for that future purchase. Maybe it’s time to upgrade that sofa to one with brand new fabric, a fresh style, and custom tailored to your personal preferences. We are here ready to make that happen in a matter of weeks or sometimes even days.

Believe that consignment is your best option to maximize revenue for your items, we offer by far the best terms. We offer a sliding rate scale that starts at a mere 10%. We give a bonus to clients who elect for store credit. Our fee is fixed for the time frame we will market the item for you. And we will buy anything that hasn’t sell we don’t sell at a predetermined price at the time of consignment. No more of your items will disappear or be donated without any compensation to you.

Soon you will be able to access all your consigned items online so you know exactly when and for how much the item sold for and you will be able to view your items on our soon to be live shopping websites.

Our marketing efforts go far beyond simply displaying your items in our store. We have built a huge database of qualified potential buyers throughout the entire country. Many visit us multiple times per week to see what new amazing items just arrived.

So, call, message, or email us today with any questions and we will share all the additional details. We are anxious to hear what you would like to sell.

JDs Muebles
+593 98 818 7723 whatsapp

Gran Colombia 21-111 y Unidad Nacional

JDs Muebles
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