Freya artisanal skin-care products at Cosas-Prep

Freya artisanal skin-care products at Cosas-Prep

Exquisite artisanal products with natural ingredients. A special detail for your personal care, full of magic for your skin and emotional state. The ideal gift for someone special or even yourself.

At Freya we have right what you need. Our product line is made with 100% natural ingredients that bring light, freshness and nutrients to your skin.

Some details about our soaps:

* Made with natural ingredients
* Made without artificial coloring or parabens which can cause allergies
* Friendly with the environment
* We use Doterra essential oils that bring vitamins and incomparable scents
* Clean and relaxing feeling after each use

Saturday, September 4th, 10 AM – 2 PM.
Simon Bolívar 1349 y Estevez de
Toral – Cuenca

Lourdes Alvarez: +593 99 801 1740. Call after: 9 AM

Saturday, September 4th. From 10 AM to 3 PM, $4, 12 de Octubre y Don Bosco, Cuenca.

Lourdes Alvarez: 099 801 1740
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