Free apple pie dessert

How could homemade apple pie, the thing that dreams are made of, not attract your attention…humm?

If you are new to USA Valet and you haven’t yet tried our service, we’d like to welcome you with a slice of homemade apple pie from one of our favorite restaurants, which also happens to be one of our delivery pick-up locations…and that is, El Confesionario Restaurant in Parque Calderon.

This is how it works: When you place your first order(s) fill in the Notify Us form (so we know what’s coming), and then pop us an email with the words… ‘New Customer’.

We’ll email back a personalized card that you can take to El Confesionario, in Parque Calderon, for your homemade apple pie dessert.

Available for new customer first orders during the month of September (letter items are excluded).

This welcome dessert is also for registered people who have not yet placed their first order.

It’s our way of welcoming you to USA Valet and we hope you enjoy it.

Special bi-monthly emails, such as the recent Super Sale Day email are only sent to registered customers. To reach us post a chat message on our website or email, or call.


USA Valet
099 931 8080;

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