Cava Ron San Miquel (Cuenca)

We have a Special visit of
…….”Ron San Miquel Cava”……
“We produce the finest rums,” exclaims Renata García of Cava San Miguel. “We age most of the rum in American oak barrels.”
Thank you Mr. Stephen Vargha for excellent article.

There will be morning and afternoon visits of “Cava Ron San Miquel” from
10:30 AM to 2 PM and 4:30 to 7 PM

Following dates/schedule:

• Wednesday, Sept 1st, 2021
• Wednesday, Sept 8th, 2021
• Friday, Sept 17th, 2021
• Friday, Sept 24th, 2021

The Protocol de Bio Seguridad requires a KN 95… social distancing, ozone cabina and alcohol.
Includes: Transportation, guide, visit to Cava Ron San Miquel, opportunity to taste the different rums at the Cava and also get special promotional discounts on the different rums.

Lunch for the
* morning group will be at Hacienda Caballa Campana
* afternoon group will have a cocktail / wine / appetizers at Piedra de Agua

We require a minimum of 5 people (max 10 pax) for our amazing experiences, plus we can arrange private family and friends groups.
WhatsApp# 099 524 6166

Cuenca, Ecuador

Martin Avila

099 524 6166

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