Used iPhone 6s rose gold 16 gb for sale, plug no cable

Hello, I have an old iPhone 6s 16gb for sale in rose gold. The one issue – battery needs replacing. It still works but battery health says service is needed.

It is unlocked, I have used it with different sims throughout South America with no issue. The device is around 2.5 years old; no issues asides from battery.

I bought a new phone for work. This is the only reason I am selling it. I purchased the 6S in the UK before I started my travels in South America.

Screen is in good condition, no cracks, some superficial scratches when you look close. Some scuffs around corners of the phone. I have an original Apple plug, but no cable for charging (unfortunately I am using it for my new phone!).

$120 plus shipping with Servientrega. I will send it fully charged. I’m based near Puerto Lopez.

Send me an email if you are interested, I’m happy to send photos. I will restore the phone to factory settings for you.

I also have a case for it, but that is a little broken. I am happy to include it if you want.

Emma: .

City: Manta

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