Recommendation for Rica Huntley, cook, mother’s helper, housekeeper

I would like to recommend for hire, Rica Huntley.

Rica worked for us until the pandemic as a cook, helper, housekeeper. She came to our home every weekday from 8-1 and made breakfast, lunch, and then prepared a dinner we could just put in the oven or microwave. Sometimes she would pick up groceries we needed and she cleaned too. It was a huge help having Rica here with us and any family that employs her would be lucky to get her.

Rica speaks English, Spanish, and Tagalog so you will have no trouble communicating with her (unless you speak none of those in which case you probably aren’t reading this.)

As to her cooking, if you’ve eaten at her restaurant, Barrio Fiesta, you have tried it. I would give Rica ideas and sometimes ask her to follow some of our family’s tried-and-true recipes but, oftentimes, I was not inspired but it didn’t matter – she’d make a beautiful, healthy meal with whatever we had. Often, we’d get delicious sushi-grade fish from Luvimar and Rica would spoil us with a sushi feast. And, when we were participating in “Whole 30”, Rica managed to make those meals absolutely delicious and we didn’t feel like we were missing out on anything. I believe she also had some clients that were doing “Weight Watchers” and made food for them that complied with that as well but not 100% sure – ask her.

Rica’s rates are reasonable and the service she provided in our home allowed me to focus on other things than cooking and cleaning but still have healthy meals and a clean home.

You can call Rica at her number below or email her at and feel free to contact me too.

Address: Cuenca, Ecuador

Contact information: 099 995 6575

Recommended by Teresa Hardy:
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