Recommendation for Diego Francisco, facilitator services, native English, Spanish speaker

I have known Diego for three years and he is a trusted contact.

I needed assistant with my microphone when I use Zoom and Google meet. He solved the problem that others were not able to do.

He helped add payees to my JEP account on-line from his remote location. This really made my life simple.

Next, I am going to have him help me with social media because he understands it very well.

He offers facilitator services, such as going to the bank, to the doctor, to the markets for the first time.

Diego was born in Cuenca and moved to the USA with his family at the age of 4-years old, he lived in NYC for nearly 34 years.

He has 10 years’ experience in translating, and creates YouTube videos and texts, he also interprets live classes.

WhatsApp or call Phone: +593 096 891 8349

Recommended by Susan Swanson:

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