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Why do I love Cuenca Animal Clinic? Let me count the ways.

Last Friday, Dr Oswaldo Cobos of Cuenca Animal Clinic sat with me and explained my senior dog’s latest blood test. He knows my dog well. She has been through surgeries, x-rays, dental cleanings, fungal infections, parasites, and the precarious performance at different times of heart, liver, kidneys and pancreas with him. Oh yes, she would even say she has “suffered baths” with him.

And as we went over the results, I felt a wash of appreciation for this vet. He is careful, caring, soft-spoken. We interpreted new results in this test, what we’re now watching for, and planned for what we would do at the next test in 3-6 months.

Another thing I appreciate about Dr. Oswaldo is that his approach to pharmaceutical treatment is conservative. He knows to give only what is needed, not more.

I’m knowledgeable about dogs and somewhat knowledgeable about veterinary care. I appreciate it when Dr. Oswaldo goes over the specific ingredients in a liver product that are known to be beneficial or talks about getting the kidneys to work harder.

Another thing about Dr. Oswaldo. He is aware that in Ecuador, unlike in the States where veterinarians develop specialities, all vets are supposed to know everything – which is not possible. So, he has undertaken to identify the skill sets of other vets, the better to direct a client to the best vet for their issue. He understands that teamwork makes better care.

Finally, a recent development at the Clinic is their purchase of a pet ambulance. Now, precious time can be saved by treating a dog in situ rather than conveying her back to a clinic.

Cuenca Animal Clinic is located near Millennium Plaza in El Vergel.

Address: Miguel Cordero Dávila 1-180

Contact information: +593 99 597 9719

Recommended by Heather Conley:
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