Experiences with building or renovating houses/apartments in Cuenca

Hello Cuenca Expats, 

I am working on an article (or article series) concerning the expat experience with building or renovating a house or apartment in Ecuador, with particular emphasis on Cuenca and Azuay province, and I need your help. If you have had experience with building or renovating a house or apartment in or around Cuenca, may I interview you? I am interested in what you were trying to accomplish, the challenges you encountered during the process, and any tips you would like to share that I might include in the article. Challenges with design, construction project management, obtaining materials and qualified workers, people management issues, permitting, legal, and regulation issues, all are of interest. 

Some assurances: I won’t “reveal my sources” or name names (expat or suppliers) in the article, nor will I trash the Ecuadorian building profession. My objective is to create a useful summary of issues for prospective expat builders to consider. Later, as it seems appropriate, I may request recommendations of architects, project managers, sub-contractors, etc. with whom expats have had a good experience. 

In summary, I want to do a good job on this topic, and your willingness to spend a bit of time with me on the phone, or if you prefer, to respond to a list of questions via email, would be most helpful and vastly appreciated. 


Harry Watkins 

Please contact me at hwatkins@pointloma.edu with your preferred contact method/time. Thanks again!

Harry Watkins: hwatkins@pointloma.edu

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