Coastal retreat opportunity

This is for someone low on cash but with a dream and the energy to make it happen.

I’ve been developing an acre of rental property on the antenna mountain in Rio Chico, south of Manglaralto.

The idea was a combination of renting campsites/private day-bungalows; a retreat center for yoga/calisthenics/MMA; a bar and restaurant; an ornamental cactus and native plant nursery, and fishing/kayaking/diving tours and rentals.

After three – five seasons developing the brand here, the idea was to then buy and construct my own place to expand the business.

On site is a raised house with covered area/bodega below; front and back terraza, pool with covered deck; garden plots, large fire pit/barby, all utilities, etc.

I have building materials (cane, planking, metal roofing, various electrical/plumbing stuff, etc.) and restaurant equipment including stove, hood, freezer, fridge, etc.

Buyout for material and equipment is $4000. Monthly rent includes electric, water, and internet: $450.


Serious inquiries only, please.
Bob Kezer
+099 447 0229

City: Cuenca
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