Change in timetable for AstraZeneca covid vaccine second dose

For those of you who got the AstraZeneca covid vaccine, the Ministry of Health on August 24th announced that the interval between the first and second doses has been changed. Instead of being 84 days apart, it is now 64 days, or almost three weeks shorter.

This announcement is not very prominent on the Ministerio de Salud’s website; you can go to and then select “Noticias” and then select “Con la finalidad de fortalecer la contención de variante Delta, el MSP redefine estrategia de vacunación.”

Go to the location where you got your first shot, and take your vaccination form and your cedula with you. I went on Thursday to the Coliseum and it was very fast, I was in and out within 20 minutes.

Ann Fourt

City: Cuenca

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