What matters most is not how many words we have but how we use them

Okay, after tons of practice you are now able to hold short conversations in Spanish, despite some words and phonics that are still challenging you, you are able to survive in the arena. This gives you a sense of respect and understanding of local culture, no matter how culturally different we can be, we are all part of Ecuadorian land.

When we are acquiring a second language, we use to feel like slow learners above all if we are learning by ourselves, but keep in mind that what matters most is not how many words we have but how we use them. The more we talk about a topic, the more we learn from it.

Make progress through customized conversational contexts for students like you.
Do you know how to use the verb «dejar» (let and leave) en español? Let me help you by leaving me a message.

Would you like to meet me before we begin working with one another? I would love to.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Have a great week!

San Sebastian

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