Envy electric heater

A couple of years ago we brought 10 of these Envy heaters in to heat the big house on the hill that we no longer have. We have five of them that we have never used. These are the wall mounted, hard wired models but a friend of ours mounts them on a backboard and converts them to plug in. The cords they come with are short, so we do use an extension cord most of the time.

Sukasa sells these for $374.79 plus IVA. We will sell them for $275 and our friend charges $45 to mount them on a backboard and add the plug.

Here’s a link to the heater on Sukasa and to the company in the USA that makes them. I actually worked for E-heat and can tell you the “rest of the story” on these heaters. The bottom line is they are incredibly economical and at 475 watts they cost about a nickel to run here. It’s a different type of heat and will handle a 130 square foot room even here in drafty Cuenca.



Feel free to send an email or call for more information.

Steven Feuerbacher: steve@grayshoring.com 99 909 7651 or WhatsApp 095 927 9375 or USA 469 678 7224.

City: Cuenca

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