Recommendation for Sandra Nasqui, facilitator/guide

Review for Sandra Nasqui ~ guide/helper/facilitator

Sandra Nasqui was a popular guide/facilitator serving the expat community in Cuenca. When her son was born, she took time off for full-time mothering. Unfortunately, when she was ready to resume work, many of her clients had returned to the States. Then the Pandemic struck.

In Cuenca, there is no shortage of services, but the quality varies. For the benefit of Sandra and GringoPost readers, I am delighted to write a recommendation for Sandra.

Sandra has class. Her English is excellent. During her years in the States, she developed an understanding of the needs and expectations of expats. She is punctual and thoughtful. She makes excellent use of time. I’ve known hourly workers who didn’t care if anything was accomplished on my clock. Sandra is the exact opposite.

In addition to being focused and efficient, she has a spacious car. We loaded a staggering number of plants into her vehicle. Just one trip to a plant store enabled us to transform my new apartment into a jungle. She planted and re-potted and didn’t hesitate to carry heavy pots to their designated spots. She is strong!

I had a problem with my bank. I haven’t mastered Spanish, but I am working on it. When I couldn’t find the email that would help resolve the issue, I felt stressed! Sandra calmly asked: “Could it be in your WhatsApp?” I found it immediately. In the same instant I also regained my composure and sanity. You can’t put a price on that.

On another occasion, I needed multiple long boards for a project. She improvised a roof rack for her car. We left the lumber-yard and made it home without incidence.

I needed a wider rack for my oven. Twice — the appliance-store ordered a rack that didn’t fit. Sandra followed up on her own time. She negotiated a full credit. Today, we picked up a custom-made rack that fits perfectly. I can bake again!

One day last week, we picked up a replacement shelf for my fridge (after two failed attempts with a different facilitator). Next, we took a painting to be re-framed and took the old frame to a glass/mirror shop she knew about. Two hours later, we picked up a beautiful new wall-mirror! We bought more plants. Then we went to Rotary Market for plant-stands. We had a sit-down lunch. I love her company. All this was accomplished in the span of a few pleasant hours!

Sandra is more than willing to do any sort of work. She does it well and she does it fast. She can drive you anywhere and negotiate with anyone. And—she is very reasonable! Need I say more?

Sandra Nasqui. WhatsApp: 098 055 0048 ~

Address: She comes to you.

Recommended by Sissel W Robertson: 099 975 9924

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