Recommendation for Tutto Matto Pizzería, restaurant

A hot dog is about to go extinct…
Recently, I was in Tutto Matto Pizzeria on Solano circa Luis Moreno Mora, when I found out that the absolutely most delicious hot dog was about to go the way of the dinosaurs.

Tutto Motto Pizzeria, voted GringoPost’s Best Pizza, renowned for its’ pizza and Italian cuisine also has the most delicious hot dog presentation in a city where the salchichas run rampant.

Buried in the appetizer section of the restaurant’s menu, the “Hot Dog Horneado con Mozzarella / Baked Cheese Hot Dog with mozzarella cheese” is often overlooked and now the restaurant management will eliminate this culinary delight due to “low demand”.

Save the Dog! ….don’t forget to add the mostaza…

Address: Av Fray Solano 8-51

Contact information: (07) 288 2494

Recommended by Donald Chavez:
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