The best option to buy travel insurance

if you are thinking of coming to Ecuador and your first thought is to be protected let us advise you.

Many times the easiest option is not always the best and taking a travel insurance online to visit Ecuador is not the most advisable, because in case you suffer a break in your health and your expenses are not covered by your travel insurance you will not have a company to turn to, you will not be able to manage your claims, nor express your disagreement. In addition, your investment will be higher. If you choose travel insurance from your country of origin when you arrive in Ecuador you will not have a medical network associated with the travel company and you will have to cover your expenses and then process a refund, which could well be denied if we do not collect all the information that the insurance company requests. .

A travel insurance is a product that is better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it, whenever you travel you must be protected, in case of any emergency outside the country it is necessary that you have clear the following information about travel insurance so that the plan you choose is the most according to your needs:

Origin and destination: There are destinations such as the Schengen zone of Europe that require coverage with specific amounts and also plans with coverage for multi-destination travelers.
Duration: the value of the insurance can vary according to the time for which you take a travel insurance and if this is for pleasure, work or studies, all these data are essential to establish the values and times of your policy.
Type of trip: you can choose special coverages for your study, business or pleasure trip.
Age: keep in mind that there are special coverages for senior citizens, and the value of the policy also depends on your age range.
Pre-existing conditions: at the moment of contracting your travel insurance, remember to notify if you have any illness, take daily medication or are undergoing any treatment so that you can be provided with a better service and your plan contemplates the necessary coverage.

in addition, we will tell you some of the coverage you will get when you purchase your travel insurance:

– compensation for missed flights
– compensation for lost luggage
– medical coverage expenses
– rehabilitation
– repatriation
– legal assistance
– hotel expenses for convalescence
– among others that will surprise you

travel insurance allows you to travel happy and confident in case of any unforeseen circumstance.

Remember that there are insurance companies that do not cover covid-19, since it was declared a world pandemic and this factor allows many insurance companies to convert this condition into an exclusion of your contract.

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