Horseback riding this weekend…August 14/15

San Joaquin Riding has some great rides coming up this weekend and you’re invited to come along on our horseback riding treks.
Christian welcomes riders of all levels, and this weekend we are going to make a few changes to our usual program.

The meeting point will be at the JEP Bank, San Joaquin at 9.30 AM.
(The taxi driver will know where this is, but if you have any queries, just let us know…)

We will meet you there at 9.30 AM and walk across the road to the field where our horses are saddled and waiting.
Just let us know your level of riding and if you prefer a Saturday or a Sunday ride, we can be flexible on those days.

The trail will be chosen on the day, but all the treks will give you a fabulous view of Cuenca.

(Lunch is a la carte and optional, and not included in the price, but you can check out the well-priced menu on their facebook page.)

Cost: $45 (excludes lunch)
9.30 AM Meeting point at JEP Banco, San Joaquin.
The ride is around 2-3 hours.
Lunch approx 1 hour.
Delivery to your home address after lunch.
Happy Riding.
Ph: Christian: 095 962 634 4094

August 15 and 16 from 9:30 AM to approx 2 PM, $45, San Joaquin opposite JEP Banco, Cuenca.

Christian: 095 962 634 4094

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