Grand opening Cresly Pizzeria #3 on Remigio

Today, Friday, at 4 PM you are invited to the Grand Opening of this excellent pizzeria on Remigio Crespo and Miguel Diaz. Almost next door to a Tutto Freddo. Pilsner is sponsoring the opening with beer and DJ and balloons, and pizza, of course. Some outdoor seating.

The owner, Jimmy, is the third child of my adopted family to open a pizza restaurant. The Cresly pizza is special because the base is Foccacia. The effort to bring about a new business was made possible by the work and love of the extended family; grand parents, parents, siblings, aunts and uncles, cousins and nieces.

And the pizzas are delicious. The regular hours are Noon – 10 PM every day . Home delivery every day. Call 07 281 8326

Friday, August 13, 4 PM, free, Remigio Crespo and Miguel Diza, Cuenca.

Julia Rux:
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