Free concert at the reopened Mansión Alcázar–every Wednesday

Can you stand this much fun? Join pianist, Robert Brinkmoeller and vocalist, Kent Mills for an evening of fun where we will be performing in the elegant lobby of Mansión Alcázar on Simon Bolivar.

The performance is free (tips appreciated) and starts at 6 PM. We will be featuring many of your favorite songs. Come hear familiar songs that you know, love, and love to sing along to while making new friends with some songs from this century. Food and drinks are available (and encouraged). To help the Mansión prepare for food, drinks, and staff, please reserve to the email If you would like to see the lobby menu, just e-mail us.

If you have attended similar concerts at the Mansión, then you know that you will have a wonderful time. If you haven’t attended a concert there, then this is going to be a wonderful surprise.

Every Wednesday 6 until 9 PM, Free, Calle Simon Boliver 12-55 y Tarqui, Cuenca.

Kent Mills: 07 282 3918 or 099 825 4612

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